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Past Performances

A few photos of The Whitemans through the years.......Hit start and enjoy!


The Group

Violet - Main Vocals, Keyboards                                       Neville - Bass, Percussion

Rachel - Backup Vocals, Keyboards, Percussion             Joseph - Drums, Percussion


The Music...How It Came About

ďMy familyís music ministry began in 2005 when God spoke to me and began giving me lyrics and music to songs.  Each song has an inspiring message of Godís faithfulness.  I began singing and playing the piano in a way that I never thought possible.  My husband joined in with the bass, my son with the drums, and my daughter on keyboard and tambourine.  We arrange and record all of our songs live in our own studio.

            My family is indeed a testimony of Godís power and His goodness.  When you allow God to use your life, He will provide you with the ability and opportunity to do things you never imagined.  I have learned that nothing is impossible through Christ.Ē

                                                                                                                             Violet Whiteman



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